Support the people that support our sport

Trevor Brown April 3, 2019

We work with brands that want to support women's cycling and understand the task that still lays ahead. I'd like to thank all our sponsors for their continued support. This project really would not have been possible without your help.

We'll have more announcements on sponsorships in the coming weeks.

skillbase for people sponsor WXC World Racing
KTM Bikes

Skillbase Group

Established in 2001 Skillbase is an international contract recruitment consultancy providing specialist consultants for many market-leading companies within the Telecom and IT sectors.

Through our contingency workforce solutions program, we provide a comprehensive end-to-end management solution for directly sourced contractors and non-approved suppliers globally. We step in and manage the whole end to end process dealing with all the areas of the business required to validate the contract, ensure compliance and a happy contract workforce.

KTM Bike Industries

KTM are Austrian bike manufacturers founded in 1934. Although perhaps more famous for their motorcycle division, KTM produced their millionth bike in 1989 and now produce around 200’000 bicycles per year.

Our riders currently sliding through corners on the Canic for cyclocross and hitting the jumps on the Myroon Master for MTB XC.

MSC Tires

Available in the UK through TerraVenture, MSC Tires project was born in 2017 after 20 years of experience with some of the biggest bicycle tire brand's distribution like Maxxis or Chaoyang, including design and engineering projects. MSC Tires is the most ambitious project since the company's foundation and offers some of the highest quality and innovative tires worldwide.

Our riders are digging the Roller for dry conditions and the Tractor for variable terrain.

Latest addition is the Rock and Roller, which we trialed at Hadleigh Park, National Series XC. We thought it was great. Will be available in 29 first. 27.5 to come.

Doppio Slavo

Express your inner adventure with Doppio Slavo style.

Unique designs, hand printed in Cuenca, Spain on high quality fabric. This is a multi-sport sock for cycling, running and post race causal wear.

Amazing designs are only the start with the Doppio Slavo Socks. They have a light compressive function around the bridge to stay secure on your foot.

Composed of five fabrics for your comfort, including a smart thermo regulatory fibre which provides great breathability. Its multi-filament construction helps to transport moisture away from your skin, keeping your feet drier. A well fitted sock which will make a great choice for any adventure.