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Trevor Brown March 2, 2022

We work with brands that want to support women's cycling and understand the task that still lays ahead to continue to push for equality and recognition. I'd like to thank all our sponsors for their continued support. This project really would not have been possible without your help.

Will you be our Title Sponsor for 2023

For 2023 we are looking for a new title sponsor to help us support riders to race in Europe at the Youth European Mountain Bike Championships, Coupe de France and 3 Nations Cup. Mountain biking is growing in popularity and has one of the highest concentrations of participants with degree-level education.

Benefits to supporting womens mountain biking:

  • Promotion of team across your brand assets - wedsite, social media, events, collateral
  • Branded race team kit featuring your name, logo and brand colours
  • Demonstrate brand diversity and inclusion to employees and clients
  • Team of brand ambassadors with direct social influence to thousands of similar people that can benefit your brand
  • Exposure at national and international events to a highly targetted audience
  • Opportunities to promote and inspire a healthy lifestyle to employees

Riders and their families spend a lot of money to race. Taking part in the National XC Series costs over £5,000 per rider in terms of food, travel, accommodation, entry fees and bike maintenance. One rider will get through several sets of tyres, skinsuits, brake pads, chains, cables, bearings and wheels in a season. Entry fees are between £20 and £50 per race. Travel to races is usually over 100 miles each way and frequently a race weekend will be over 600 miles round trip.

The other unseen costs include consistent coaching, training and race nutrition. We believe coaching is a lifetime requirement. Consistent coaching provides a massive boost to competitiveness and riders ability to progress through the ranks and maintain interest in the sport. Access to good training locations can be free in some areas but in many this will cost over £20 a day.

We aren't looking for handouts or covering the cost of everything, we are looking for an active partnership with a trusted brand that fits the demographic of our riders and their wider interests, who can contribute to supporting riders, reducing the financial burden. Brands involved in these areas would be a good fit:

  • Fashion
  • Nutrition
  • Entertainment eg gaming
  • Education
  • Travel and accommodation

Please contact us at wxcworldracingsocial@gmail.com

skillbase for people sponsor WXC World Racing
KTM Bikes
spok'd logo
Squirt cycling products support WXC World Racing

Skillbase Group

Established in 2001 Skillbase is an international contract recruitment consultancy providing specialist consultants for many market-leading companies within the Telecom and IT sectors.

Through our contingency workforce solutions program, we provide a comprehensive end-to-end management solution for directly sourced contractors and non-approved suppliers globally. We step in and manage the whole end to end process dealing with all the areas of the business required to validate the contract, ensure compliance and a happy contract workforce.

KTM Bike Industries

KTM are Austrian bike manufacturers founded in 1934. Although perhaps more famous for their motorcycle division, KTM produced their millionth bike in 1989 and now produce around 200’000 bicycles per year.

Our riders currently sliding through corners on the Canic for cyclocross and hitting the jumps on the Myroon Master for MTB XC.

We started talking to Richard Lang and Spok'd at the start of 2019 and gave feedback on their coaching app that provides personalised training plans. The team has been giving input and feedback on the new MTB plan that launched this year. The team have found a great benefit in being able to rely on a system that supports their growth and protects their bodies.

The app is basically a coach in your pocket. Checking to see how well you performed this week, to then set your plan for the next. But it also takes into account your sleep and general energy levels.

One of the biggest issues for young athletes is the potential for burn-out. Spok'd helps our riders manage the demands of training and racing with the day-to-day stress of life, school and work. Together with their philosophy that takes into consideration the whole athlete life, the Spok'd is helping to manage the continual and grandual development of our riders.

Squirt Cycling Products

Established in South Africa Squirt Cycling Products have grown from their original and revolutionary water based wax lube, to provide a host of innovative products to cyclists: bike wash, anti-chafing barrier cream and tyre sealant

We've been using Squirt Lube for some time now and enjoy how clean it keeps the bike, the performance and the extra life chains have.

Squirt is a unique chain lubricant – it contains waxes and water in emulsion form that stays clean, lasts long and extends drive train life. It is 100% biodegradable and available in three sizes. 100% recommend.

Torq Fitness

We're proud to say we are #TorqFuelled.

Our riders have been using Torq for some time now, but what makes Torq different is their background in educating athletes to prepare for optimal physical performance.

Torq have also produced some of the most exciting and innovative products in the sports nutrition market, such as the very tasty mince pie energy bars. We have trouble keeping away from these when we aren't riding.

Torq also have growing range of vegan and organic products and diabetes specific nutrition to make sure you fuel the way you want to.

Challenge Tyres

In cyclocross Challenge Tyres are world leaders.

They provide a range of tyres that meets all needs, from beginner to seasoned pro. Whichever tyre you select from the range you can be sure of a comfortable and engaging ride.

The team favourite is the Baby Limus. It can do most things that a UK course can throw at it, which can often be a mixture of mud, hard pack, grass, woods and tarmac.

In the UK, Challenge Tyres are available through Upgrade Bikes.

Epic Custom

Epic Custom provides high quality custom sports kit and event supplies, such as gazebos.

Specialists in cycle, tri and running clothing and event equipment, Epic Custom have over 16 years experience, backed by a 5 star customer service.

Epic Custom supply all our t-shirts, hoodies and gazebos, like the one below.